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Family Support of South Carolina, Inc., is a private service company organized to assist in the financing of child support payments. The issue of late or missing support payments strike at the core of family stability and we are here to help.

Our Mission

We will implement an innovative, yet simple, means by which the Custodial Parent will be guaranteed to receive the full amount of court-ordered child support payments each month plus any arrearages owed.

We want to take away all the struggles of paying child support and reduce the risk placed on your family. We will pay the arrearages owed and missed support payments on behalf of the Non Custodial Parent.

Program Information



  • The Family Support Program assists you to make your child support payments and to make up any back payments that may be due. You will be required to enter into a credit agreement that will include interest, court costs, insurance, fees and expenses.
  • The amount of your child support payment will not increase and may be reduced if you want to extend your term of repayment.
  • The Family Support Program will cover your court costs, such as the 5% owed on each monthly payment. We provide the amount for the child support payments reflected in the court order.
  • You will still be subject to state enforcement services in the event of an extended non-payment status. However, we are prepared to work with you if you have a life changing situation, such as an illness, being terminated from employment, or otherwise faced which prevent your compliance with the court order. It is our goal to provide you with assistance to allow you to get back on your feet and prevent your being incarcerated for non-payment.


  • The Family Support Program guarantees you will receive the full amount of your court-ordered child support payments on time, plus any arrearages you are owed.
  • We will mirror the terms of your court order. If the order requires life or health insurance, we will provide those payments as well.
  • You will be required to send us documents that include a copy of your current court order with the additional support information you filed with the The South Carolina Department of Social Services Child Support Services (CSSD).
  • You must also sign an agreement which permits us to receive child support payments on your behalf.



Will signing up for the program change the way I make my payments?

No, you will continue to make your payments to the Single Distribution Unit in the format you have established with DSS.

Do both parties in a child support case have to sign?

Yes, both the Custodial Parent and the Non-Custodial parent have to sign the agreement with Family Support.

Does this change the court order conditions under which I receive my child support payments?

No. The Family Support program reflects the court order. In those cases where either of the parents request a change in the existing court order and some changes are allowed, the FS program will immediately adjust the payment schedule accordingly.

If I am the Non-Custodial Parent and I have taken advantage of your program to pay my arrears and to make payments on my behalf, will I be paying only on the interest when I am able to contribute payments?

Just like a credit card, as you make payments back to the SDU, part of your payment will be applied to interest that you owe and part to the principal. You will receive a monthly statement that will outline the payments made on your behalf and the balance remaining on the account.

Does Family Support get involved with collection of payments?

No. Our only involvement is the financing of the payments to the Custodial Parent. The collection of payments will still be processed by the CSSD.


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